Conversant Website

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Conversant Website


Responsive web design for HubSpot COS in Bootstrap 2.x

I led web design at Conversant during my time as Senior Art Director and put a lot of love into Sitewide, this refresh resulted in:

37.7% increase in visits

25% increase in unique visits

3.2% increase in time spent on page

Deliverables: Website strategy and user experience; page wireframes, designs, specs, and QA; design and process guides; HubSpot, web design, and QA training for larger Conversant team


I designed and launched this template, utilizing Bootstrap flexbox, across 24 pages to address vertical-specific needs.


While with the company, I designed over 100 web pages. Deliverables included UX wireframes, mobile responsive pages, specs, and conversion strategy across the following projects:

  • 2017 site redesign

  • Parent company 2017 site redesign

  • Proprietary product microsites

  • Website illustrations

  • Case studies

  • 2015 redesign


Mobile designs for the Home page and Primary page template.